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I am by no means a writer so don't expect to much in the grammatical area. Being a professional photographer I get asked a lot of questions about the field. I will share those answers here as well as other topics I think might be of interest.

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Photgraphy Tips
A disturbing trend

Disclaimer, I am going to jump up on my soap box for a couple minutes here so feel free to skip to the next article if you want. The following is my personal opinions and everyone is free to have their own and completely disagree with me.

My informal Adobe Lightroom review

I have been using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom since it was in beta and I thought I would share my thoughts on it after using the final shipping version for a while. Lightroom is one of the best pieces of software I have invested in for a long time. That does not mean it does not have shortfalls because it certainly does but most of those are in areas I do not use Lightroom for so it does not bother me much.

Injet printing tips and advice

I am often asked how to make a good print using a personal inkjet printer or if it is even possible. The answer is yes in general it is possible to make good prints with a recent inkjet and in fact some of the printers can make very good prints. However to be able to make that very good print is pretty involved and you will have to spend the time and money to get there. I will explain some of the factors here but I am writing this to amateur photographers so this will not be a complete technical article on professional inkjet printing.

Blurry picture blues

Why are so many of my pictures blurry? I get asked that question quite often and after taking a look at a sample of the images the cause is most often one of two things. Either motion blur or missed focus is the cause about 95% of the time. I see motion blur more often than missed focus and I predict that I will continue to see missed focus be a smaller percentage in the future. I predict that because the auto focus systems continue to improve on point and shoot cameras.

Why you can't always compare megapixels.

A Canon 30D which has an 8.2 megapixels (MP from now on) sensor in it. I have had several people ask why I use something with only 8MP when their camera has XMP (X being between 7 & 10 usually). By the way 8.2MP would translate as 8.2 million pixels just to be sure we are on the same page.