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A disturbing trend

Disclaimer, I am going to jump up on my soap box for a couple minutes here so feel free to skip to the next article if you want. The following is my personal opinions and everyone is free to have their own and completely disagree with me.

There is a trend in photography to shoot a wedding then simply give the client a CD containing all the images. While from a client side this may seem great you may want to ask yourself why do they do that? I will let you come to you own conclusion as to the answer to that question as I do not think that is my place.

My opinion on the matter is that is does nothing more than devalue photography as whole. It also encourages photographers to think of photo shoots as nothing more than shoot, burn and send them on their way. It does not show a lot of pride in their work to me or that they want to build any type of relationship with the client.

I spend a couple hours editing every image from every wedding I shoot (I shoot in RAW mode only) I take a lot of pride in making sure that each image is a good as it can be. I feel that is part of the package, I take the pictures and I make them look as good as I can. I don't let the camera decide what the image should look like then burn it to a CD say thanks and send you on your way to have bad prints made at Wal-Mart (great, now I’ve offended Wal-Mart). Is there really a difference in prints? Yes but that is for a different article ;)

I do feel that clients should have the option to get the images on a CD with a copyright release to be able to make prints, use them on the web site etc. I do offer that option but I do not give away the images I sell them.

As I stated at the beginning of this article these are my opinions and I respect the fact that not everyone agrees with me. I am not trying to offend anyone either but this is a common issue I run into with prospective clients when comparing me to other photographers so I wanted to “clear the air”.